Your textbook defines a policy analysis as, an analysis that…

Your textbook defines a policy analysis as, an analysis that provides informed advice to a client that relates to a public policy decision, includes a recommended course of action/ inaction, and is framed by the client’s powers and values. Chapter 14 then moves to both build out these components and to demonstrate how a health policy analysis should be conducted.
The Final Project for this course will build on this as a health policy analysis explanation from your text. You will write on a topic provided by your instructor. Be sure to review the required learning resources for more information about the content, voice, and structure of a professional policy analysis. Pay specific attention to the five essential components of a policy analysis: problem statement, background, landscape, options analysis, and recommendation.
The Final Project for this course is a 12- to 15-page (not including title page and references) research paper using the research paper template provided in this week’s Learning Resources. You will complete an analysis of a public health policy based on a topic assigned by your instructor.
Policies supporting physical activity for people in urban communities in ONE of the ten Department of Health and Human Service regions:

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