yoga class

Yoga helps us keep control of our bodies as well as mind. It is a great channel for releasing our stress and anxiety. Yoga gained popularity gradually and is now spread in all regions of the world. It unites people in harmony and peace.
Origin of Yoga
Yoga essentially originated in the subcontinent of India. It has been around since ancient times and was performed by yogis. The term yoga has been derived from a Sanskrit word which translates to basically union and discipline.
In the earlier days, the followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism practiced it. Slowly, it found its way in Western countries. Ever since people from all over the world perform yoga to relax their minds and keep their bodies fit.
Benefits of Yoga
Yoga has numerous benefits if we look at it closely. You will get relief when you practice it regularly. As it keeps away the ailments from our mind and body. In addition, when we practice several asanas and postures, it strengthens our body and gives us a feeling of well-being and healthiness.
Furthermore, yoga helps in sharpening our mind and improving our intelligence. We can achieve a higher level of concentration through yoga and also learn how to steady our emotions. It connects us to nature like never before and enhances our social well-being.
In addition, you can develop self-discipline and self-awareness from yoga if practiced regularly. You will gain a sense of power once you do it consistently and help you lead a healthy life free from any problems. Anyone can practice yoga no matter what your age is or whichever religion you follow.
In short, yoga has several benefits. Everyone must practice it to keep their health maintained and artificial means like medicines or any other shortcuts of any kind.

We basically have practiced hatha yoga, poses or positions involving reclining, standing, inverting, twisting and balancing. We than moved with the breath to do a vinyasa. I want to know what if anything you have gained or found out about yourself from this class. Be honest, hopefully you are leaving this class with something more than the Physical Education credit. 


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