Writing an Admissions Essay

In addition to other vital information (tests scores and academic transcripts) along with other materials, you will be asked to submit to a school’s admissions committee, an admissions essay.

This requirement must show your performance in the writing department as well as your analytical skill. Here’s a crash course on how to write one.

Early Birds get the Worms!

Apply for admission to at least three colleges and begin your application process early. Do a background check on the institutions you wish to get accepted.

Go to the library and locate/browse-through/read texts or abstracts by the school’s faculty members who work in your field or area of interest. It would be better to grab hold of their website and learn more from there.

What to Include

Not all schools may ask for the same kind of essay. Some may even require more than one. Thus, before you start writing, study very carefully the essay instructions on the application materials sent to you.

When evaluating your application, each reader will ultimately have this question in mind: “Why should we let you into our school?” In order to answer this question, try to do the following:

*Clearly state your short and long term goals; tell how the institution can

help you meet those goals.

*Refer to experiences, both academic and “real world,” that are relevant

to graduate study.

*Articulate what is particularly valuable about the perspective that you will

bring to the prospective field of study and the specific department.

*Demonstrate your ability to think and express ideas clearly and effectively.

*Show motivation and capacity to succeed in graduate education.

*Write concisely and try to keep your readers interested.

*Offer other information that demonstrates your need and desire to be

accepted by the program.

Why choose this School?

Be careful not to over do this part. Don’t waste your valuable essay space, or your reader’s precious time, telling the reader how great or prestigious their institution is; the admissions committee already know this. They want to know YOU!

Even so, if there are special programs or institutes at the school that seem engaging to you, briefly talk about how you are interested in becoming part of them.

Personal Data

Your personal data is often a model for any admissions paper work. Talk about experiences that have led you to pursue a graduate education in a certain field of study.

The information that could be included in a personal-type statement is limited only by your own imagination and life history, but be choosy about what you include.

There are two things to watch out for: (1) saying too much and/or (2) not saying enough. Some applicants may ramble on about themselves in a manner that not very appealing to the committee.

Advertising, that’s what you’re doing basically in an admissions essay. You have one goal in mind – persuade the reader of your worth. Just because you deserve to be enrolled in that school, does not mean they will let you in eagerly.

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