write a short essay 750 words that critically analyzes and interprets mazumdar s article

– write a short essay (750 words)

– As you read the article and take notes, remember that the point is not to summarize the article but to identify the thesis, assess the evidence used, and to evaluate the interpretations or arguments.Please note that a critique also need not be negative; indeed, you should address the positive and negative aspects of the article. Do try, however, to avoid spending too much time on the article’s structure and organization; the ideas, arguments, and evidence matter more.

– Your answer should follow the same rules of grammar etc that you would use in formal essays. Avoid clichés, slang and conversational language wherever possible.

– Additional sources are not required but you may integrate them if you wish. Citations to the article may be made in text. For example: “Dramatic as it was, the Song Agricultural Revolution was nevertheless a revolution from above.” (64). If you do cite external sources, use Chicago Style

Organize article

1. The introductory paragraph should contain the title of the article being reviewed and the authors’ name. It should also have a few brief words on the major themes or issues under discussion

2. A short paragraph(s) should be devoted to summarizing the article. In your own words, summarize the content and describe the major themes or issues of the article. What is the author’s thesis? What is the purpose and the central argument or arguments of the articles?

3. Evaluate or critique the article being reviewed. It is convincing and does the evidence support the conclusions being drawn? Does the article contribute to an ongoing historical debate or to an established school of thought? Please note that your critique must be scholarly. You may hate the article, it may be too long, badly written, and poorly organized but you need to express that criticism properly. For example, you might note that the author listed numerous examples without properly linking them to their central thesis and this made the article too long. Avoid phrases such as “I think this a good/bad article”. The entire review is your opinion. In a short review it is also best to use your own words and avoid long quotations from the articles. It’s better writing and excessive use of quotes will likely mean a lower grade.

4. Conclusion: summarize your evaluation and present a final assessment of the article and your overall impressions. Are there any parallels to the course material that you can think of?


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