Write a final paper for a Creative Writing class homework help

Write a final paper for a Creative Writing class. Must be related to the class.and I will put all the books I have read before.

. Final Project: A final paper (3-5 pages for undergraduate students; 7-10 for graduate students) is due at the last class session. Paper topic must relate to the course but is otherwise open; it may concern a single writer, a selection of writers, or a general writing topic that came out of course discussions (and references the semester’s readings). Not infrequently students find their own creative work affected by the writers they come into contact with in this course. Creative responses are permissible but must include a prose analysis of the relationship between your own new work and the aspect of your course experience that inspired the work. Students wishing to do a creative final project should touch base with Prof. Gelineau (in person or by e-mail) before proceeding.
Just to be clear, when I say the papers must relate to the course, I mean that the readings and conversations should be referenced and your own observations and insights should be included. Just giving me a biographical report on one (or more) of the writers with a synopsis of one of their books would not be course-specific. A paper like that you could write just by googling the writer. Your final paper should reflect YOUR participation in the course.
Final papers must be typed. Should average 250 words per page (the average for double-spaced, normal margins, 12pt Times New Roman, no double spacing between paragraphs).
Submit by the due date on the Discussion Board forum for final papers.

Books related to this class:
Troubling Accents By Rivera
the Sorrow Proper By Drager
When You Live By a River By Blakeslee
The silence in an Empty House By Gillan
Dien Cai Dau By Komunyakaa

Please read the requirement clearly, and original work is required. Thank you!
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