Wk 2 discussion – recovering data

To complete this practice and participate in the discussion, first create a virtual machine on a computer with Windows 10 installed.
To practice recovering data from a hard drive that won’t boot, create a folder on a VM with Windows 10 installed. Put data files in the folder. What is the name of your folder? Move the hard drive to another working VM and install it as a second hard drive in the system. Copy the data folder to the primary hard drive in this second VM. Now return the hard drive to the original VM and verify that the VM starts with no errors. List the steps you used in this project.
In a minimum of 175 words, summarize your experience and share it with the class. Why might it be helpful to know how to recover data or solve startup problems as an IT support technician? What other knowledge and skills do you think will be important to know to resolve Windows startup problems or recover data? Research and share other sources that you think will be useful in your career.

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