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The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply what you learned through the activities and chapter readings. You can reflect on the reading and activities for this week to inform your answers.

Review the Sociology Matters prompt at the end of Ch. 2.

Sociology Matters

Sociology matters because it offers new insights into what is going on around you, in your own life as well as in the larger society. Consider the purpose of a college education:

• What are your own reasons for going to college? Are you interested only in academics, or did you enroll for the social life as well? Does your college encourage you to pursue both, and if so, why?

• How does your pursuit of a college education impact society as a whole? What are the social effects of your decision to become a student, both now and later in life, after you receive your degree?

Sociology also matters because sociologists follow a scientific research design to reach their conclusions. Consider the importance of careful research:

• Have you ever acted on incomplete information, or even misinformation? What were the results?

• What might be the result if legislators or government policy makers were to base their actions on faulty research?

Write a 700-word response to one or more of the bullets at the end of that chapter.


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