Why must market research be conducted?

Health Care Marketing Plan Presentation

Create a hypothetical health care organization or social program, using a real organization or program as a model, and develop a comprehensive marketing plan to market it. Examples include cancer hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, durable medical equipment companies, weight loss programs, and insurance programs.

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to market your organization or program.

Create a 20- to 25-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker’s notes, detailing your plan. Speaker’s notes must be between 100 to 200 words per slide. Include the following:

•Background information

◦What is the name of the organization or program?

◦What is the geographic location?

◦What is the organizational mission?

•Industry background: Describe the industry’s historical background.

•Situational SWOT analysis: Assess the organization’s environment. Address why your marketing plan is necessary. Include the following:

◦Strengths (internal)

◦Weaknesses (internal)

◦Opportunities (external)

◦Threats (external)

•Market research

◦Why must market research be conducted?

◦What kind of data will you use: primary, secondary, or both? Why?

•Marketing objectives: List your quantifiable marketing objectives.

◦Explain what you want to achieve.

◦Define estimated dates by which you want to achieve those goals

•Marketing strategies: Describe the general approach or best way to meet your objectives.

•Consumer analysis

◦Determine the demographics of the program’s potential consumers.

◦Determine the psychographics of the program’s potential consumers.

◦Identify common consumer behaviors of the program’s potential consumers.

•Target market

◦Determine the primary market: What are the characteristics of the primary market?

◦Determine the secondary market: What are the characteristics of the secondary market?

◦Market segmentation: How will you segment the market? Why?

•Competitive analysis

◦Identify your competitors.

◦Briefly describe your competitors’ strategies.

•The four Ps


◾What types of products, programs, or services are involved, as in a good, service, or idea?

◾What are the features? How is it positioned and differentiated from the competitors?

◾How is the product, program, or service identified, as in brand name, label, or packaging?


◾What are the channels of distribution?

◾Where are the facilities located?


◾What aspects must be considered in developing pricing?

◾Determine a suggested selling price.


◾How will you promote the organization or program?

◾Personal selling


◾Media mix: television, magazines, outdoor, direct mail, radio, or website

◾Slogan and message

◾Sales promotion activities: trade show or promotional materials

◾Public relations

•Regulations: Identify the regulations that affect your plan.

•Social marketing strategies

•Ethics and patient privacy

•Monitoring the plan: Create a way to monitor and evaluate your plan’s success.

Here is what we did in week 3

I. Background Information

A. Name of the organization

1. Health South Rehabilitation Center

B. Geographical Location

1. Woburn, Massachusetts

C. Organization’s Mission

1. Commitment to quality

2. Results driven care with specialization in services

3. Continuum of care for patients with traumatic injuries

II. Industry Background

A. Historical background of the industry

1. Importance of continuum of care

2. Little to no focus in the past on rehabilitation services

3. Patient care improvements

B. Historical background of the organization

1. Strong leadership efforts in staying current with most up to date technologies

2. Cost effectiveness for high quality care

(This is part of the assignment that you did for me on 1/21/18) This assignment is based on that one.

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