Why Excessive Sugar Intake is Dangerous Persuasive Essay

Please make sure you have already read all the requirements below before your work!
Write down a persuasive speech draft in 500 words. Here are some introduction about this speech.
A Persuasive Speech: involves reason and logic and emphasizes opinion. You’re actively making an argument and trying to change your audience. You either want them to change their attitudes, beliefs, values, or actions.
Typical persuasive speeches give an opinion about whether something is good or bad, should or should not be done, or is or is not meeting some valued goal.
Here are some examples of persuasive thesis statements:
•I will argue that the Graduate Record Exam should not be used to determine if applicants should be admitted to graduate degree programs•I believe that eating red meat is not good for your health
Of course, you can choose to write on other topics, not just these two topics. There are not many requirements, but the only and the most important requirement is should not involve national politics, ethnicity, sexism and other sensitive topics.
This work is very important for me, so high quality must be ensured. This work must be original work!
Thank you!

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