When you have completed your research, list at least 5 meaningful and

This course should not be the only tool you are using to prepare for the AHIMA RHIT Exam. The more resources you use the better your understanding will be. For example, your RHIT Exam Preparation Manual will be a valuable tool for you.
For this part of your capstone project, you will develop a “study toolbox.”

Begin your toolbox by locating appropriate and meaningful resources that will be helpful in preparing for your exam. A good place to begin is by examining the resources available to you through the Library Guides in the RESOURCE section of your course. There are many resources there that will help you. Research the different library guides, including the Health Science Guide, and then continue your research beyond the guides in order to develop a comprehensive “toolbox.”
When you have completed your research, list at least 5 meaningful and appropriate resources including all guides, books, techniques, materials and how you’ll use them to prepare for your Exam. Create a table to display your resources.
Copy the template to a Word document, and add as many additional items as needed.


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