What do you feel will be the most difficult part of completi…

Discussion Posting 2.1What do you feel will be the most difficult part of completing an annotated bibliography?2.1.1Write three citations, one for each source.? One source must be peer-reviewed.2.2Thus far, which sources have you found the most helpful for answering your research question?ASSIGNMENT:? Using the sample below, write a citation AND summary for THREE sources, scholarly or not.? Include in the summary quoted information from the article. A sample is below.? Write the information as three paragraphs.? The first and third paragraphs are only one sentence.???Henry Punlap, Professor of history at Vassar College, argues that todays youth are apathetic towards voting.Punlap conducted four surveys using first-time voters during the 1990s. Punlap stated, “too many teens lose enthusiasm for voting from the age of 16-18 because they feel that morals are insignificant and no longer valued in American culture.” (online) Punlap feels that today’s youth are post-idealogical.??Henry Punlaps article will provide a historical perspective about the voting habits of teens.?His argument is similar to the ideas of Joe Smithville.? Both authors agree that apathy among teen voters existed in America in 1998.? ??
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