Week 5 dis str | Operations Management homework help

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: I look for specific, “real-world” applications of principles.
This week focuses on the creation of an implementation plan and associated change management. Think of an example where change was attempted but failed. Using the concepts presented in this week’s readings, discuss what contributed to the failure and what might have been done to prevent it. 
·        What steps need to be taken before we implement an organizational strategy? Why are time frames so important to the implementation of an organization’s strategy? What role does the sequence of execution play?
 ·        Why is it important for an organization to identify the areas it wishes to measure before the implementation process begins? What would be the consequence if these clear measurement guidelines had not been developed before the implementation?
·        What is the role of metrics and measurement in the strategy process? Why are they so important to the strategy process? What are the possible outcomes for a company that decides not to put metrics and measurement into its strategic plan?
·        How has globalization affected the measurement process in an organization’s strategy? Provide an example of a company that has changed its measurement process due to globalization. What changes were made to the company’s measurement process?

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