Week 4 Assignment #1: Strengths & Spiritual Gifts Assessments

Week 4 Assignment #1: Strengths & Spiritual Gifts Assessments

The following assignment is worth a maximum of 50 points and is due by 11:59 pm on Saturday. Please submit this as a Word file.Using the code supplied with the Strengths-Based Leadership text, complete the Strengths Finder assessment.

Once you have the results, refer to the “Leading with …” sections in the Additional Resources section of the Strengths-Based Leadership book for each of your top five strengths.

1. Go online and complete the Modified Wagner-Houts Spiritual Gifts assessment. Several are available at no charge. At the time this assignment was posted, the assessment accessed by clicking here (Links to an external site.) looked usable, and contains explanations of the results and some materials for appropriate reflection.
– Depending on your faith background, this assessment might be very helpful or of little use. The idea is to help you learn about yourself, so if this assessment does not contribute to that learning, then consider the results appropriately.
2. Report your results for each of these assessments.
3. After taking these assessments, reflect on the results, and then write up your reflections. What do these assessments tell you about yourself? What do they help you to understand about your leadership style and effectiveness? How can you use this information to become a better leader?



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