week 3 discussion reply 1 4

1 Andrew
With the rise of global diseases affecting the entire world I am sure that there is many forms of secrecy in government and medical care. The conspiracy of silence is a true thing that present it so mostly in healthcare between the physician and patients. I conspiracy of silence is usually done when the doctor does not disclose all information to his patients. This case can also be vice versa where patients does not share information with their doctors. Different from patients doctors may keep information depending on the emotional, psychological, and overall health of a patient. One would wonder if this is ethical and appropriate in healthcare. Personally think that thereâ€s two ways to see this. I have work as a medical assistant at a pediatric doctors office for about a year and realize some people does not receive information well and may act irrationally. if a physician is in emergency situation irrational behaviors from a patient can be detrimental. I personally feel that if there are certain things that can be protected in a court of law the physician should have the choice to disclose information or keep it private. Iâ€ve also been in situations where I was afraid to share certain things with my physician but if itâ€s for my will being patient should be required to share everything. If a doctor have to go on a wild goose chase to find out a diagnosis. Simply because the patient did not disclose all information this is not feasible financially as healthcare is already expensive. Overall I feel Silence can have a negative and positive effect on the quality of medical care. The positive effects will allow physicians to care and treat for a patient in an emergency situation without dealing with irrational behaviors. The negative effects, takes away the patients rights to make decisions fully on their healthcare.
2. Jasmine
In order to understand and respond correctly, we must first understand the meaning of “conspiracy of silence”. “Conspiracy of silence is a secret agreement to keep silent about an occurrence, situation, or subject especially in order to promote or protect selfish interests” (no author, n.d). I think that the conspiracy of silence can affect the medical world and the quality of medical care in both a positive and negative way.
I believe it can affect the world positively by means of confidentiality. Confidentiality is when something is ‘spoken, written, acted on, etc. in strict privacy; secret” (no author, n.d). I think this goes along the guidelines of what the conspiracy of silence means because medical personnel are required to not disclose patient’s information to no one under no circumstances. For example, if a patient has a terminal illness such as HIV, and has not come out to the public about it, the medical personnel cannot speak on it with anyone without their consent.
I believe the “conspiracy of silence” can be used in a negative light such as when there is unethical behavior being done. By unethical behavior, I mean things such as changing DNA results, covering up mishaps, keeping cures to terminal illnesses to themselves, etc. I feel those who have wealth and power receives access to medical treatments that the poor and middle class do not. For example, Magic Johnson is living with a terminal illness, but because he has money, he is able to receive medicines that allow him to continue his day to day life and decreases his chances by a lot of the illness worsening.
3 Jasmine
“Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital, doctor, or health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes an injury to a patient” (Admin Member, n,d). In my previous class, we discussed a case about negligence inside the hospitals that took place back in the day. The hospital was sued for lack of attention to a patient which eventually caused him to have to get his leg amputated. As a result of this case, new laws were put into place to prevent anymore lawsuits, and to also make sure that the medical personnel are more cautious when it comes to their patients. In this instance, “an expert witness is not necessary when: only the doctor or medical staff had control over whatever it was that caused the injury, and the injury could only have been caused by the doctor’s failure to adhere to the normal standard of care” (Boeschen, 2011). I personally have not been involved in a case, but I do know of someone who had a medical malpractice lawsuit. When his mom was giving birth, he got stuck in which caused the doctors to pull on him to get him out. As a result of them pulling on his arms, they broke his left arm which caused permanent damage. His arm is now permanently bent. Because he was a newborn, doctors were unable to put him under anesthesia and perform surgery. As a result, his family filed a lawsuit for negligence and the boy won a huge settlement.
4. Gertrude
Almost all medical malpractice cases require testimony from a medical expert. The facts are usually too complex for non-doctors to determine if the patient’s doctor should be held liable for the patient’s injury. The Medical expert will answer two questions: if the doctor followed the standard of cares and if the doctorâ€s failure to follow standard of care led to the patient injury.
There are some malpractice cases that are just black and white, no gray area at all. According to Showalter (page 142) expect testimony is unnecessary in medical malpractice where “ the outcome is so egregious that it is indefensible.
I have never been in a medical case that requires or does not require a medical expert. In my opinion there are a lot of malpractice cases that are indefensible. For starter , we all had of horror stories about doctors leaving their tools inside the patient. When you go for a surgery you hope that the doctors or the surgeons will do what they need to do and close you up without them forgetting things like scissors in your stomach.
In 2000, a 49-year-old patient had a surgery intended to remove a tumor located in his abdomen. The tumor was removed. In its stead was left another souvenir, a 13-inch long metal retractor. Doctors at the hospital admitted to accidentally leaving the retractor inside the patient. The hospital settled suit over tool left in the patient.

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