Week 3 – Discussion 2Write: In complete sentences and a mini…

Week 3 – Discussion 2
Write: In complete sentences and a minimum of 250 words, address the following:

Assess your progress as an intentional learner by considering each metacognitive step: mulling, connecting, rehearsing, attending, expressing, assessing, reflecting, and revisiting.

Which step do you use with ease? Describe how you use it.
Which step is most challenging for you to use? Why?
Which step do you skip over or ignore completely? Why?

Imagine someone asks, “What kind of student are you?” How would you answer? What would they observe about your study techniques? Consider things such as the following: engagement with course resources (textbook, video, articles, Instructor Guidance, announcements), how often you log in to class, participation in discussion forums, approach to taking quizzes, etc.
Now imagine that same person asks, “What kind of student would you like to be?” List three specific things you are doing to become the student you want to be.

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