Week 3 Assignment 1: Health Policy Brief Overview of the Res…

In working toward your Health Policy Brief, you have identified a policy topic, written a statement of the issue, and completed an annotated bibliography. Next, you will collect relevant data and provide analysis of your chosen health policy issue.
This assignment will focus on the Overview of the Research section of your health policy brief. You should use the resources you pulled together in your annotated bibliography. This section should contain the following:

What research has been conducted on the topic? How was the data collected?
Two to three tables, images, figures, or illustrations of the relevant data that will inform your policy recommendations. All the data included must be properly referenced.
A summarization of your research.


Your paper should be 1 page and APA 7th edition formatted.
Any diagram(s) or illustration(s) should be 1 page long.
Include a title page (not included in the page count).
Include a reference page with at least five scholarly references published within the past 5 years (not included in the page count).


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