Week 10 Discussion"Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)"

Week 10 Discussion"Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)"

Week 10 Discussion


“Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)”  Please respond to the following:

·         Identify a contact person for the quality improvement program at a long-term care facility in your geographic area. Conduct a brief in-person, telephone, or email interview with this contact person, concentrating on the following areas:

o    Structures

o    Processes

o    Outcomes

o    Regulatory minimum standards

·         Next, describe the current quality improvement program in place at this facility, focusing on the areas listed above, and specify the main roles involved in this program.

·         Finally, determine whether or not this quality improvement program is aligned with Deming’s Process Improvement Cycle. Provide a rationale for your determination.

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