W6 19900223

Discussion Questions: Choose one of the following topics for further reading and research. Then post your discovery as an overview assessment in the Discussion based on the material you found, state your findings and postulations on the selected topic area (overview, summary, risks, and potential protection/defense), based on researched facts. Do not discuss the nuclear aspects, only the radiological. Hazards of radiological events Ionizing radiation effects on cells and tissues The challenges of decontamination following and RDD Low-level radiation Psychological effects and treatment of psychological casualties
 Discussion Questions: Which of the 12 U.S. Government (2009) Structured Analytic Techniques do you think best enable analysts to reduce cognitive and perceptual biases? Pick one diagnostic, one contrarian, and one imaginative thinking technique and describe why you chose those three. In the article, The future of the intelligence analysis task by Hare and Coghill (2016), they describe how technology and artificial intelligence will impact the intel analysis function. Do you think the skills necessary to be an effective intelligence analyst in the future will be fundamentally different than those used by analysts just before 9/11?   
 Discussion Questions: State and Local Fusion centers are an initiative to improve homeland security intelligence coordination and information sharing. Describe the concept and intent behind fusion centers and explain what you see as their value to the homeland security enterprise. Describe the role of the FBI in domestic counterterrorism, and in particular the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) concept? 
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