Unit VIII Essay 1 (PFES)

Unit VIII Essay 1 (PFES)

Unit VIII Essay I

Emergency Management

Emergency management (EM) is an up-and-coming field that really took off after the events of 9/11. It is important that each community be prepared for both man-made and natural disasters, should they happen either unannounced or with some warning. For this two-page essay, you are to research emergency management within your community. You need to compare and contrast the existence of the emergency management function before 9/11 and after this event. Some questions to answer should include the following:

 How is it different, and who is responsible for the management of this function?

 Is there a formal EM plan, and is the fire department part of that plan?

 Is it still as important in your community today as it was in the months following 9/11?

 Has this function been implemented in the past decade, and what were the outcomes?

 What is needed to improve the emergency management function within your community?

All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced according to APA style. Your paper should include a title page and a separate reference page.

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