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You have just been hired as the emergency manager in your community. You are looking through documents and materials left by your predecessor regarding disaster response and recovery, and you realize that there is no information regarding how to help strengthen community and family resilience after the occurrence of a disaster event. You realize that having support mechanisms in place that can help people cope with traumatic losses before a disaster event strikes is one of the keys to improving and strengthening your community’s response and recovery efforts after a disaster occurs.

For this assignment, you will develop a handbook for your emergency management staff that discusses the steps that should be taken after a large-scale disaster to strengthen community and family resilience in coping with the traumatic losses that they are likely to have experienced.

Your handbook should consist of at least three pages and should include information on services that will be provided to your community’s citizens after the disaster, groups that the staff can call in to aid in disaster relief, and other actions that the staff can take to help individuals and groups cope and begin the response and recovery efforts.

Please remember to use your own words in this assignment; cutting and pasting from source material is not permitted.

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