Understanding the HIPAA Security Rules

John Brown is the new HIM director at a large medical center. He has many employees whose job duties will allow them to work from home. His manager on the senior leadership team has asked him to reduce the number of staff members on-site and to develop a work-at-home program for his employees. For your review the Health and Human Services (HHS) guidance on remote use of and access to ePHI.
In your essay, give John some strategies to reduce risks to unauthorized access to the ePHI and give him suggestions on how to conduct security awareness training for his employees who will be working remotely in the future. Be sure to discuss key points addressing the security that must be enforced in the off-site environment.

Understanding the HIPAA Security Rule – Part II
As the Director of Health Information for a large teaching hospital, there are many students completing clinical rotations at your facility. There have been recent concerns that some students are not following appropriate use of the EHR, which has compromised several patient records. To make matters worse, a glitch is present in the new patient and physician portals. Patients can enter data into their own records and physicians can not enter data. In an executive summary, justify your rationale for concern–referencing ethical and legal considerations. Additionally, confirm appropriate use of secondary data within the EHR.
AHIMA CEE Curriculum Mapping
Domain I. Data Content, Structure & Standards (Information Governance)
Subdomain I.B. Health Record Content and Documentation
1. Verify that documentation in the health record supports the diagnosis and reflects the patient’s progress, clinical findings, and discharge status


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