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Understanding Nursing Theory
Project description
Differentiate the key concepts of theories utilized in nursing
In this written assignment, you will examine each of the three types of nursing theory—grand, middle range and micro-range. You can access the grading rubric for this assignment here: Writing Rubric.
A two-page (500-word) document
Step 1 Write a paper.
Using a minimum of two scholarly sources, write a two-page (500-word) paper that responds to the following topics:
Define grand, middle range, and micro-range nursing theory.
Describe each of the three types of nursing theories.
For each type of theory, give one theorist and his or her theory as an example.
Explain why each theory fits the type you assigned it.
Which theory are you most likely to use in your practice? Explain your reason.
Cite the sources used in the format designated by your instructor.

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