TRI Releases Discussion | Term Paper Tutors

TRI Releases Discussion | Term Paper Tutors

I have a 3 part that need to be done. One you look up the TRI data and answer. The other 2 part questions I have attached an article for each, that you would get the answer from.

  1. Look up what TRI releases are present in a place you live or formerly lived. Use 83706, or 83705 zip code to access the data for 2016, 2017, 2018.

2. What were the top three releases & how much of each was released?

3. Are the releases per day, per month, per year?

4. Do these data take into account all of releases of these chemicals in this area? Why or why not?

Here is The link to the website:…

From the reading attached

2. Read the article – TRI, what it means and how it is used by Christine Osbourne, DEQ Utah, 2019

– Look up the criteria for TRI reporting – what are the 3 main criteria?

– List some benefits of the TRI report

– List 5-6 issues or concerns with the report / data

3. Read the article – Pollutants and Asthma: The role of Air Toxics by D. Peden in Environmental

Health perspective.

– What is the problem with diesel exhaust?

– What does ozone induce?

– What are endotoxins?

– What is the main point of the article?

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