TOPIC: The English 102 final essay must dispel a commonly he…

TOPIC: The English 102 final essay must dispel a commonly held myth in American culture. To produce a successful essay students must choose their topic wisely.
Submissions will be graded as formal writing. Use MLA conventions at all times. All proposals should be written in paragraph form. The tone of the submission should be to try to convince the reader (me) that this topic will work for the final research essay. Proposals will be graded according to if they are thorough and complete. Although there is no minimum or maximum length for this assignment, it would be difficult to accomplish these goals without submitting at least three pages of writing and a works cited.
● Essay topics must be about current cultural myths.
● Your myth must be commonin the USA. By common, we mean held by a large majority.
● There must be a negative consequence to the myth of some kind your final essay will attempt to reverse.
● There must be available traditional
and non-traditionalresearch to prove your claim.
● Avoidoverly political, awkward, and controversial topics.
In your proposal you must:
● Propose a preliminary thesis for your final essay.
● Explain why this issue matters in our world. What are the harmful consequences of the myth?
● Spell out how you will prove this myth exists.
● Reveal how you will prove this myth is false.
● Describe at least one way you will use non-traditional research to support your claims.
● Identify at least two formal research sources you have found that will appear in your final essay.
● Include a works cited for all sources referenced.
All topics must be approved through the research proposal process. If a student wishes to change their topic after the initial proposal, they will have to restart the full process. For that reason, changing topics is strongly discouraged and will not be permitted near the end of the term.

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