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    topic talk about: Some entertainment news media, in order to make money, they will publish some anecdotes about the stars, although some news is not true. Please contact the company management or public relations section
Leadership criticizes un ethic 
class name is:     
Ethical Leadership 
Determine as a team a particular topic or area of professional ethics that is of interest to you. Alternatively, you can focus on a particular case study of ethics and an organization, or ethics as they relate to a particular leader. In the project, be sure to integrate how different ethical theories and moral values would help provide various lenses to address the issue. 
Ultimately, please be prepared to define what the proper course of action should be as it relates to your topic. In the past, students have addressed issues such as Whistleblowing, Financial Practices, Codes of Conduct, etc. You have latitude to define this area. We will work together to define and refine the proposal and the work in general. 

Employing numerous examples, the team is required to bring your paper to life through work-world illustrations. The final deliverable is one team-generated document of 8-10 pages. Each team will present its work on the final session on class. 
Guidelines for Team Paper and Project 
I. II. 
Researchable Question, Topic, or Case Study Background/Overview including how your topic applies at the Individual, 
Organizational, and Societal levels. Apply 2-4 ethical theories, and 2-4 moral values. 
III. IV. Provide examples (if applicable) or case studies (2-4) V. Recommendations/Conclusions, including a defense of your final 

8-10 pages  
Double spaced  
Times New Roman 12  
Uploaded to BlackBoard: One paper per team, uploaded by each team member  
A cover page with title, team members, course, instructor, and date  
A works cited page identifying 5-7 sources other than the text  

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