Title Introduction To Ethics Phase 1 IP

Title Introduction To Ethics Phase 1 IP

1300 EST
APA format
15 PowerPoint slides
Your manager tasks you with preparing a PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 15 slides (with presenters notes), not counting the cover page or reference page. In this presentation, you are to utilize the library, the Internet, and any other available resources to make sure that the following topics are discussed:

Discuss the importance of a chemical dependency counselor behaving ethically in interactions with clients. Consider the following:




Client welfare


What state laws or regulations involving standards of conduct, transmission, and storage of private health records exist?
Professional codes of ethics contribute to maintaining ethical standards in a profession. Discuss professional codes in the counselor profession, such as the ACA code.
Are there any national or regional professional organizations that promote ethical behavior in chemical dependency counseling profession?
Describe the difference between behaving ethically and behaving legally, and give an example.
What is the most serious legal consequence of the counselor behaving unethically, and what are the long-term effects of this consequence.

The final slide in your presentation should be a reference page, detailing all of the resources you utilized in completing this presentation. Be sure to reference all of your sources in APA style format.
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