This whole essay MUST relate back to Jean Watson 1. In this paper, you will expl

This whole essay MUST relate back to Jean Watson1. In this paper, you will explore how critical thinking is used in the nursing process, the nursing processitself, and how Jean Watson would have used applied their theory using the steps of the nursing process.The nursing proccess:1. assessment2. diagnosis,3. planning,4. implementation5. evaluation.The paper should be divided into three sections as follows:Section I: Give a brief description of how the nursing process is involved in nursing care. Be sure to include a description of each stage of the nursing process and why it is important.Section II: Discuss why critical thinking is essential to the nursing process. Give at least one example of howcritical thinking might be used in each stage of the nursing process.Disscus this Health care Issue example “Your aunt is grieving the loss of her husband. ”Section III: Using the nursing theory “caring by Jean Watson”, discuss how that specificnursing theory would be used to address the health care issue following the steps of the nursing process.Use Three scholarly articles should be usedThe paper should be formatted APA style, If needed, provide in-text citation anda reference page in APA format is required.This whole essay MUST relate back to Jean Watson

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