This assignment is to write a plan for health improvement ba…

 This assignment is to write a plan for health improvement based on 2 articles.
 The plan comprises 2 pages of single space #12 font size of Times New Roman ( 500 words per page) & 1 summary table.
Details are shown in the attached files:
1. Instruction sheet
2. Lecture notes

Designing a Population Health Quality Improvement Initiative
Write a plan for a 2-year long population health improvement initiative aiming to improve adolescent’s mental health, using a population health framework and using quality improvement methods. You may choose the setting and scope of the initiative. Think innovatively, and be realistic.

Introduction to the problem
Adolescent Mental Health Issue
About 50% of all mental health problems in adults start by the age of 14; however, most of the cases are not detected nor treated. Violence, poverty and other forms of adversity increase the risk of developing mental health disorders among adolescents. Adolescent depression is found to be a leading cause of mental illness and disability; and suicide is, in fact, the second leading cause of death in adolescents. (1) One way to improve healthcare services to adolescents with mental health problems is to adopt QI methodologies and develop strategies to implement or disseminate interventions. Nonetheless, there is no strong evidence for the effectiveness this approach in the literature. (2) 
1. WHO. Available from 
2. Forman-Hoffman VL, Middleton JC, McKeeman JL, Stambaugh LF, Christian RB, Gaynes BN, Kane HL, Kahwati LC, Lohr KN, Viswanathan M. Strategies to improve mental health care for children and adolescents.  
Deliverables: 2 pages (Max 1000 words) and 1 table summarizing the QI methodologies adopted and the relevant population HI frameworks in the development of a workable plan to implement or disseminate interventions.
Key points to be considered:
1. Approaches to population health improvement;
2. The interaction between these approaches
3. Quality improvement methods
In this design, combine population health and quality improvement approaches. Apply the methods and principles of quality improvement to a population health issue utilizing the relevant HI framework.
I got an impression that my prof wanted us to integrate the Population HI frame works with the Quality improvement methodologies to form a workable plan delivering quality health service to the adolescents. Pick the salient features of the relevant frameworks (See lecture notes) and collaborate the frame works with the appropriate QI methods such as PDSA cycles, patient, public and community participation, process mapping etc.
The aim is to establish a multi-discipline team to address this population health issue. Describe the interactions between the adopted QI methodology and the relevant population HI frameworks. Comments on the strengths and weaknesses of their interactions and the predicted outcomes. Set up a timeline of 2 years in this plan and specify the milestones along the way to validate the implementation and dissemination of the interventions proposed.
Here is what I think the table looks like:
Summary of Population HI Frameworks & Quality Improvement Interactions

Population HI Framework

QI Methods


Lecture Notes; Integrate the following population health improvement frameworks into the quality improvement methods in the design of the Adolescent Mental Health.
1. Three Domains of Public Health (2005)?
Health Improvement , Health Protection , Health service delivery and quality  
2. The strengths of the Three Domains of Public Health (2005)?
The Three Domains of Public Health model underpins specialist practice and clarifies the delivery of public health programs;
The Three Domains of Public Health model covers distinct, interrelated and interdependent aspects of public health which are: health protection, health services and health improvement;
The Three Domains of Public Health model is a universal framework that can be adopted and applied in different healthcare systems to achieve variable aims 
3. The three overlapping spheres of the Tannahill Model (1985)?
Health Education:  Communication to enhance well-being and prevent ill-health through improving knowledge and attitudes;  
Prevention: Reducing or avoiding the risk of disease and ill-health;   
Health Protection: Safeguarding population health through legislative, financial or social measures 
4. The limitations of the Tannahill Model (1985)?
Representing rather simplistic linguistics ;
Does not wholly cover community-based and community-led efforts to improve health;
Not being a model in the sense of a particular approach to health promotion .
5. The main aim of the Ottawa Charter (1986)?
Peace , Shelter, Education ;Food  ;Income  ;Stable ecosystem ; Sustainable resources  ;Social justice and equity  .
6. The Dahlgren-Whitehead rainbow model (1991)
Helps social researchers to construct a range of hypotheses about the determinants of health;
Helps social researchers to explore the relative influence of these determinants on different health outcomes and the interactions between the various determinants ;
7 . Beatties’ Structural Grid (1991) propose in terms of health promotion?
Proposes a precise and clear analysis of health promotion strategies according to its population level and degree of authority ;
Distinguishes between strategies that work on individual and community levels;
Includes a specific category of personal counselling strategies
8. Intervention Ladder (2007)?
The Ladder helps public health professionals to assess the acceptability and justification of policy interventions aimed to improve public health. ;
The ladder helps public health professionals to order interventions from the least intrusive (maximum autonomy) to the most intrusive (maximum authority) to individuals and populations autonomy ;
The ladder emphasises the role of social and political perspectives in selecting health improvement strategies
9. The five critical ways that the Precede-Proceed model has successfully impacted public health promotion?
By advancing the ecological perspective on health;
By remaining population centred;
By demanding democratic and participatory approaches to health promotion;
By being deeply grounded in practice ;
By setting quality of life.  
10 Why are health promotion and public health approaches relevant to quality improvement?
The models and approaches focus on promoting better population health;
Quality improvement approaches can help us to improve translation and implementation of best practice in domains specified by public and population health models;
Both health promotion/public health and quality improvement approaches ultimately aim to improve population health using a structured and planned mechanism.
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