There are five?questions embedded in attachment below, the A…

There are five questions embedded in attachment below, the Action Research Studies Report. For this question:

Post your response to the one question you found most interesting and personally relevant.
Explain why this question was personally relevant to you.
Explain how your answer to this question might prove helpful to you when you develop your AIP.

Action Research Study Report
Insert Your Name Here
School of Public Service and Education, Capella University
EDD8040: Research Design for Practitioners
Insert the Instructor’s Name Here
Insert the Due Date Here (Month, Day, Year)
1. Mostofo and Zambo (2015) chose Vygotsky Space as the theoretical framework. Additionally, later in the article, the authors asserted that,” Jim’s goal was to create an innovation that allowed preservice teachers the opportunity to teach more in the methods classroom before teaching in the field-experience classroom and to systematically investigate the effect of this” (p. 499). Based on the chosen theoretical framework, reflect on the degree to which you think this framework was appropriate for and aligned to the intended purpose of this action research project?
2. Mostofo and Zambo (2015) collaborated with a variety of colleagues to develop this action research intervention. In light of this process, reflect on what potential roles stakeholder collaboration might have on the conceptualization and development of your AIP?
3. What are your reflections on collecting and analyzing qualitative data to demonstrate the impact of a potential AIP?
4. Was the data analysis sufficient to verify the impact of the intervention?
5. What ideas, concepts, or processes from this study did you find interesting or useful and how might those ideas, concepts, or processes be incorporated into an applied research project or applied to online learning in general? What intervention might be implemented for preservice teachers related to your area of interest or discipline?
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