Theories of Personality – Psychology – Movie Analysis

Write a 2-3 page paper analyzing the personality of a main character from the movie you selected to watch outside of class. Select two theorists that we have discussed so far in class whose theories you feel could adequately be used to understand the main characters personality.  I am looking for a well-developed, analytical paper that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Expectations: There are many different approaches you could take to this paper.  For example, you could choose to describe different personality type/trait theories and discuss which types/traits are present in the main character.  You might instead choose to hypothesize as to how the main character developed in their personality, discussing how their behavior today may have been caused by certain previous experiences according to different theories.  You could also discuss the issue of psychological health or pathology in the main character, highlighting different theorists approaches to defining mental health and illness.  These are just some suggestions to help you organize your paper, but you may find a different way to approach the topic.  Ultimately, your paper needs to include some contrasting/comparing of two psychologists theories as they would be used to understand the main characters personality.


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