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Below I have a post below please provide a response. 150 words min. each with in-text citation and reference (WITHIN THE LAST 5 YEARS).Your response to your peer by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts. The response must enhance the discussion and useof scholarly resources is required (text or any article from a nursing journal, or governmental cite). (NO WEBSITES ALLOWED)
Social Determinants of HealthThe social determinants of health are social factors that can make a person susceptible to disease or poor health outcomes. These factors include economic stability, education access and quality, healthcare access and quality, neighborhood and built environment, and social and community context (Healthy People 2030, n.d.). Vulnerable populations are subpopulations with higher morbidity and mortality rates, shorter life expectancy, and diminished quality of life (Rector & Stanley, 2021). In the case of Mia and her family, there are several risk factors that make them more vulnerable to potential health issues including financial instability, food insecurity, and living situation.Mia?s mother Katrina mentioned that she has a low-paying job with no health insurance benefits and that she lives paycheck-to-paycheck.? Unfortunately, Katrina?s lack of education and inability to finish high school has prevented her from better employment opportunities. This lack of finances contributes to the inability to afford healthier foods or obtain sufficient health care services. Although Katrina states she has healthcare from the government, it does not cover the dental care services that her family needs. In addition, the living situation seems to be stressful as both Mike and Katrina are constantly working late and unpredictable hours which not only affects their health but Mia?s developmental and mental health as well.The protective factors that help alleviate some of the negative risks in this situation are through family relationships and support. Although Katrina is not married to Mike, they seem to have a respectful and stable relationship, with no evidence of domestic abuse. Mike is always encouraging Katrina to go back to school. Katrina?s parents live nearby and assist her with regular childcare for Mia. Katrina has positive interactions with her parents, and they have a strong bond with Mia, however, the grandmother gives Mia poor nutritional care.Additional information to obtain from Katrina is regarding her family?s nutritional health, especially for Mia. Due to lack of time from working crazy hours,? Katrina likely not able to make any nutritious home cooked meals for her family. Therefore, I would ask her about the types of foods her family eats for dinner and what kinds of foods she purchases at the grocery store. I would ask about the Mia?s appetite, her food preferences, and how many meals she eats daily. I would also ask Katrina about the types of foods Mia is fed by the grandmother besides candy.An area for potential educational support for this family is to educate them on the importance of nutrition and dental hygiene. The family needs to be equipped with the knowledge of how to care for themselves to prevent any risk of illness or further disease development. An important key area for educational support is teaching the family about Mia?s mental, social, and physical needs as she is a growing child. There may be an indication that Mia is malnourished since she is thin and often gets candy from the grandmother to fatten her up.? The entire family needs to be on the same page in supporting Mia?s nutritional intake with healthy food choices that contain healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables, not candy or sugary snacks. Katrina also needs to role-model healthy behaviors and help Mia develop good dental hygiene habits by helping her regularly brush and floss her teeth.To address this key area, I would educate the family about healthy affordable food options and snacks to have available in both homes. I would provide educational material on nutrition and easy-to-make home recipes Katrina can make for her family. I would provide information about government food assistance programs. I would encourage Katrina to make small changes to her schedule and life routines, to be more physically present for Mia, and be able to socialize her with other children at her new school. I would inspire Katrina to consider further education to improve her finances and provide a better life for her and her family. Finally, I would refer the family to a university dental school or a free community health clinic offering dental services.ReferencesHealthy People 2030. (n.d.). Social determinants of health. to an external site.Rector, C., & Stanley, M. J. (2021). Lippincott coursepoint enhanced for rector’s community and public health nursing (10th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.Stephen, L. (n.d.). Social determinants of health: Assessment of Mia and her family. National League for Nursing. to an external site.development-programsteaching-resourcesace-all/acep/ace-p-teaching-strategies/social-determinants-of-health-assessment-of-mia-and-her-family-2d02c75c-7836-6c70-9642-ff00005f0421
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