The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate thinking abo…

Written AssignmentsCore Concepts PaperPurpose: The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate thinking about your personal beliefs in relation/comparison to the core concepts of Communication, Compassionate Care, Diversity, equality and inclusion, Ethics, Evidence-Based Practice, Health Policy, and social determinants of Health in nursing practice as outlined and defined by the AACN . As a senior level nursing student you may be asked to revisit this assignment so please keep your work.Before you begin to write this paper:Read the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) 2021 THE ESSENTIALS: CORE COMPETENCIES FOR PROFESSIONAL NURSING EDUCATION? description of the above core concepts ? Look closely at pages 11-14. (… Reflect within your paper on at least 5 out of the 8 core concepts and how theyo 1) relate to nursingo 2) how they compare to your own thoughts and feelings on these concepts. Provide examples from nursing literature, your work or life experiences.This paper can be thought of as a comparison and introspection of your own beliefs and values compared to the University?s Nursing Department values of the discipline of nursing rising from the AACN Essentials.Directions:Students are expected to use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) to guide the formatting of this paper. One third of the points received for this paper stem from APA formatting, see rubric below.5-6 pages (not including title, reference and rubric page) typed, double-spaced, one-sided, 12-point font paper. Required typeface throughout- Times New Roman.Minimum of four different reference citations (Four Different resources)All papers submitted should be at an acceptable college level of writing.The following grading rubric will be used: Please attach a copy of this rubric as the final page of your paper, after reference page.(One will be available on Canvas)Requirements: 12 Plagiarism Free Papers
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