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APA format.
So I set the deadline for this about a week from now and I can extend it but keep in mind I will need the intro part done by Tuesday night/wednesday morning. It does not have to be the final product for the introduction but at least to show progress in writing as required by the professor.
An annotated bibliography and discipline awareness paper will be attached for my chosen topic as well as sample text analysis papers so please read through them. Text analysis specific guidelines will also be attached.
In an essay of 1,000-1,200 words (3-4 pages), introduce, analyze, and evaluate one source you have chosen for your Literature Review. This source should come from a peer-reviewed journal or other reputable publication that you identified in your Discipline Awareness Project. It should be an example of a common genre in your field used to present original research or an original argument.

Introductory paragraph. Your first sentence should include the title of the text, the author’s name(s) and credentials, and the thesis or hypothesis. The remainder of the first paragraph should be a brief summary of the text, followed by a statement about the significance of this text in the literature on your research topic.
Body paragraphs. The body paragraphs should address the following questions: How is the article structured? What are they key parts of the text, and how are they related to the purpose of the article? If the article reports on original research, it should be clear where, how, and most importantly, why it was done. When you include borrowed material, introduce and cite it according to APA Style (or the documentation style you will use in your literature review.)
Concluding paragraph. Acknowledging the contributions of this source to the scholarly or professional conversation on this topic, point out the limitations of this source. What ideas does it suggest for future research?
Include a Reference (or Work Cited) entry. (No separate page necessary.)

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