What is thelarche

What is thelarche

Breast and Axillae;Abdomen Quadrants of the left breast and axillary tail of Spence. Vascular supply to the breast is primarily through branches of which two arteries?
a)-What is thelarche?The upper arm drains into which area of lymph nodes?

b)- what changes occur when axillary lymph nodes are removed.

2)-The mother of a girl at Tanner stage 2 asks whether her daughter will start menses early.

a)-What is the correct response to give this mother?

3)-Name the three methods commonly used for ensuring palpation of the entire breast.What do retractions and dimpling signify?

4)-A patient who is in her first trimester of pregnancy asks you what changes she should expect in her breasts. What information and important instructions should you give to this patient?

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