Understanding Your Brand

Understanding Your Brand

Your professional brand should clearly communicate who you are, what  you do, why you do it, and what makes you unique. In order to prepare a  presentation that effectively communicates those key elements in an  engaging way, address all of the prompts and questions below. Providing  as much detail in the form of examples, facts, stories, and experiences  from your professional career and your personal life can help you best  understand and articulate your brand.

Start with why. Why do you do what you do? What  motivates you? Why do you want to wake up and go to work at a particular  job? For example, do you want to help others? Are you motivated by  creativity? Do you want to earn respect and prestige? What problems do  you want to solve? Use your Module 4 – Discussion: Communicating Your  Body of Work. You shared three major accomplishments and what you felt  those experiences had in common. Does this communicate why you do what  you do?

Summarize your core “why” in a few sentences. This is your professional brand statement.

Support and evidence. Now that you’ve figured out  your core “why,” you must provide support and evidence for your  professional brand statement. You must also figure out how to  differentiate yourself from your competition.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Define your professional goals. Where do you see  yourself professionally in the long-term (10 years from now)? Where do  you see yourself in the short-term (next year)? Be sure to include not  just the career you want to hold but also detailed information about  that career. What is the company like? What is your position like? What  are your co-workers or clients like? What is your life like as you work  to accomplish your professional goals?
  2. Define your strengths and skills. To achieve your  professional goals, you must identify the strengths you possess and the  skills you need to continue to build. List your strengths, the skills  you’ve developed, and the important adjectives that describe you and  your work ethic. Next, define some skills you need to continue to work  on in order to achieve career success.
  3. Analyze your target audience. Who do you need to share  your professional brand with in order to achieve your professional  goals? Is it a specific company? If you want to be your own boss, do you  need to share your brand with prospective clients and customers?  Conduct a bit of research on what your target audience looks like. What  does your target audience need from you?
  4. Analyze your competition. With over 7 billion people in  the world, you’re bound to face competition as you work to accomplish  your professional goals. What is it that you offer that other people  cannot? Conduct a bit of research on your competition. What unique blend  of character traits, goals, strengths, skills, and experiences do you  possess? How do you stand out from the competition?
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