Tip Distribution

Tip Distribution

Tip Distribution You are a server at a restaurant in Portland. You must tip the bartender 13% of each cus- tomer’s drink sales and the server assistant 1.75% of the food sales plus 2% of the drink sales. You want to complete a worksheet that shows the sales, tips, and your net tip. Open e01b1Server and save it as e01b1Server_LastFirst.

Insert a column between the Drinks and Tip Left columns. Type the label Subtotal in cell D6. Calculate the food and drinks subtotal for the first customer and copy the for- mula down the column. In column F, enter a formula to calculate the amount of the tip as a percentage of the subtotal for the first customer’s sales. Format the results with Percent Style with one decimal place. Type 13% in cell G7, type 1.75% in cell H7, and type 2% in cell I7. Copy these percentage values down these three columns. Horizontally center the data in the three percentage columns.

In cell J7, calculate the bartender’s tip for the first customer, using the rule specified in the first paragraph. In cell K7, calculate the assistant’s tip for the first customer, using the rule specified in the first paragraph. In cell L7, calculate your net tip after giving the bartender and server their share of the tips. Copy the formulas from the range J7:L7 down their respective columns. Merge and center Customer Subtotal and Tip in the range B5:E5, Tip Rates in the range F5:I5, and Tip Amounts in the range J5:L5. Apply Currency format to the monetary values. Apply borders around the Tip Rates and Tip Amounts sections similar to the existing border around the Customer Subtotal and Tip section. For the range A6:L6, apply Orange, Accent 2, Lighter 40% fill color, center horizontal alignment, and wrap text. Apply Orange, Accent 2, Lighter 80% fill color to the values in the Tip Left column and the My Net Tip column.

Set 0.2″ left and right margins, select Landscape orientation, and set the scaling to fit to one page. Include a footer with your name on the left footer, the sheet name code in the center, and file name code on the right side. Copy the worksheet and place the copied worksheet on the right side of the original worksheet. Rename the copied worksheet as Tip Formulas. On the Tip Formulas worksheet, display cell formulas, print gridlines, print headings, and adjust the column widths. Change the Tips sheet tab color to Orange, Accent 2, and change the Tip Formulas sheet tab color to Orange, Accent 2, Darker 25%. Save and close the file. Based on your instructor’s directions, submit e01b1Server_LastFirst.

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