The practice of HRM in a sport context

The practice of HRM in a sport context

In this Case study you’re asked to apply the contents of the HRM Module to the practice of HRM in a sport context.

A few practical guidelines:

– Please deliver assignments 3.1 and 3.2 in one report

– Add a title page with your name and a title in your report

– Add a list of contents in your report

– Refer to resources and add a resources list

Assignment 3.1: SRSA Annual Reports

Step 1) Compare the HR chapters of the SRSA Annual Reports of 17/18 and 18/19. What development(s) do you read in the HRM vision and/or practices in the two reports?

– Refer to the contents of the module in your explanation.

– Indication for the length: 1 A4, Calibri 11.

Step 2) Write a HR chapter for the report of 19/20 based on the contents of the module. What do you think we can expect in that report?

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