This weeks readings include:

Michael Kimmel’s “Solving the Boy Crisis in Schools (Links to an external site.)

Claussen’s “The WiseGuyz ProgramPreview the document

After watching the film, “The Mask You Live In” and this week’s readings, answer the following Discussion Questions.

1) What is one aspect or moment in THE MASK YOU LIVE IN that resounded

the most within you? Were there any statements or facts that you found

shocking? Which aspects of the film were you already familiar with?

2) THE MASK YOU LIVE IN is a U.S.-centric film, delving into the concept of masculinity from a North American perspective. Do you have any experience of gender roles in other countries? Are there any stereotypes/concepts that can be applied to the global community? Any specific examples of how the U.S. differs from other societies when it comes to masculinity and how males are treated?

3) Whatever your gender identity is, do you ever wear a metaphorical mask when facing the outside world? If so, describe this mask. What function does it have? Does it serve you well?

4) What is your idea of “healthy masculinity?” What active steps can you take today in order to encourage healthy attitudes around masculinity at all levels of society?

5) What connections do you see between the film and this week’s readings – be specific, using examples in your answer.

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