Using the information below Create a 3-4 -slide PowerPoint presentation. Include speaker notes and citations for each slide, and create a slide at the end for References.

Immunization is important to infants as it prevents them from diseases which would be expensive to treat. The benefit of immunization and prevention of infectious diseases among mothers and infants cost-effective healthcare intervention and contribute significantly in reduction of mortality and morbidity in the country (Walls et al. 2018). Immunization also helps the mother to spend less on possible diseases that could affect their children. Prevention of infectious diseases is important to both the victim and other people who might be close to them, including the caregivers. In the maternal and infant population, immunization and infectious diseases continue to be a topic of debate. Averagely, immunization and prevention of infectious diseases has improved. In the United States the rate of immunization has gone up across all races, income groups and ethnicities. Similarities among the races where this special population are located narrowed down.

More so, prevention of diseases is less costly compared to the case where everyone is infected and needs medication. Despite the decreasing disparity, due to vaccination programs such as vaccination for infants, mother and infants from poor families, non-white have low immunization rates than those who were well off and white. Similarly, there are cost barriers whereby infants of low socioeconomic status continue to be less likely to access care services compared to those from a more well off families (Munday et al. 2018). There is a large number of patients who are not insured and are not recognized by Medicaid. Most of these people come from non-white population and it is hard to receive preventable services for infectious diseases. There might be hospitals but this population does not have enough money to pay for immunization services. More so, the level of education is important, most of them have a low level of education and ads such might not think that it is important to receive immunization. Conclusively, Infants or maternal infectious or communicable diseases are among the most beneficial healthcare interventions in the United States and generally the whole world.


Munday, J. D., van Hoek, A. J., Edmunds, W. J., & Atkins, K. E. (2018). Quantifying the impact of social groups and vaccination on inequalities in infectious diseases using a mathematical model. BMC medicine, 16(1), 162.

Walls, T., Cho, V., Martin, N., Williman, J., & Brunton, C. (2018). Vaccine Impact on Long-term Trends in Invasive Bacterial Disease in New Zealand Children. The Pediatric infectious disease journal, 37(10), 1041-1047

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