Performance Management And Valuation

Performance Management And Valuation

This is a template and checklist corresponding to your Assignment 2 paper: Performance Management and Valuation. See below for an explanation of the color-coding in this template:

· All green text includes instructions to support your writing. You should delete all green text before submitting your final paper.

· All blue text indicates areas where you need to replace text with your own information. Replace the blue text with your own words in black.

· Headings and subheadings are written in black, bold type. Keep these in your paper.


· Write in the third person, using “he” or “she” or “they”, or using specific names. Do not use the second person “you”.

· The body of this paper has one-inch margins and uses a professional font (size 10-12); we recommend Arial or Times New Roman fonts.

· The Assignment template is already formatted with all needed specifications like margins, appropriate font, and double spacing.

· Before submitting your paper, use Grammarly to check for punctuation and usage errors and make the required corrections. Then read aloud to edit for tone and flow.

· You should also run your paper through SafeAssign to ensure that it meets the required standards for originality.


Your submission should be a maximum of 4 pages in length. The page count does not include the Cover Page at the beginning and the References page at the end. The final paper that you submit for grading should be in black text only with all remaining green text and blue text removed.

Assignment 2: Performance Management and Valuation

Author’s Name

Jack Welch Management Institute

Professor’s Name

JWI 531



An Introduction should be succinct and to the point. Start your Introduction with a general and brief observation about the paper’s topic. Write a thesis statement, which is the “road map” for your paper – it helps your reader to navigate your work. In your thesis statement, be specific about the major areas you plan to address in your paper.

The headings below should guide your introduction, since they identify the topics to be addressed in your paper. The introduction is not a graded part of your rubric but it helps your reader to understand what your assignment will be about. We recommend that you write this part of your Introduction after you complete the other sections of your paper. It only needs to be one paragraph in length.

Analysis and Recommendations

This assignment is centered on two broad topics: Performance Metrics and Merger Synergies. Use the headings and sub-headings below to organize your paper. This helps to ensure that you do not miss questions and also helps your reader to easily locate your responses.

I. Performance Metrics

a. Which company is a more efficient generator of income?

b. Which company is growing faster?

c. Using financial health ratios, which company is more profitable?

d. Which company has stronger valuation ratios?

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