Nutrition and Health/Disease

Nutrition and Health/Disease

Client Education Handout – After the discussion on Nutrition and Health/Disease, choose one disease state that nutrition can help/harm. This topic must be impacted by nutrition. Design a nutritional handout that would be appropriate to provide patients in a clinical setting as a take-home review of important topics (dos/don’ts) for this condition. Content should include: how disease/condition is impacted by nutrition, how it is diagnosed, treated, managed, etc. Be creative and have fun. This assignment is worth 100 points and is due Friday, February 7th 8am CT. The handout will be graded on the following rubric:

Graded Component:

Points Possible:

Points Earned:

Appropriate topic chosen, target audience identified and assignment completed on time and as detailed (handout form).


Handout fits target audience


Content is quality, original and appropriate work.


Handout is visually appealing to potential client.


Internal and external references included

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