Mary Hunt Case

Mary Hunt Case

Mary Hunt Case

A Petition for Summary Administration is a document that is submitted to the Court upon a person’s passing, but only in certain circumstances. What are those circumstances? Does Mary’s estate meet these requirements or should another form of administration be considered?

Mary Hunt’s sister, Caroline Fuqua, visits your supervising attorney’s office to inform that Mary, age 50, died at her home—156 Victory Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32306—from a sudden brain aneurysm on November 14, 2004. Mary was in the process of funding her trust at the time of her death. She had not transferred the following assets to her trust:

2002 Toyota

A checking account with a balance of $4,635

Stock representing 1 share of Walt Disney Company stock

Mary’s final paycheck, amounting to $2,695

Mary was a Florida resident. Mary’s social security number is 123-56-7890. Caroline Fuqua’s address is 89653 RR 2, Port St. Joe, Florida 32456. Mary was debt free at the time of her death. Your supervising attorney asks you to prepare a Petition for Summary Administration.

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