Informal Fallacies

Informal Fallacies


To demonstrate that students are familiar with and able to explain ways in which arguments can make mistakes (fallacies) in ways that not dependent upon the formal (structural) components of the argument.


Several informal fallacies have been presented in the Unit 1 Supplement which has been available to students in Blackboard for several weeks. The informal fallacies were also covered in class. The informal fallacies have also been reinforced through the Unit 1 examination. Students have been encouraged to seek reliable videos on informal fallacies, but cautioned that they are likely to find some that are not included in the Supplement material and some that are identified by different names. Students have been advised that this assignment was forthcoming since the first day of class.


1) Each student is to review the informal fallacies from the Supplement and identify 5 that they can best explain

2) Students are recommended to develop an outline (draft) of a power point presentation

3) Students are to develop and submit a power point presentation

a. The presentation will be not less than 150 words and submitted to the instructor only. There is not a requirement for these to be presented to the class. Students do not need to identify before submission which of the informal fallacies they have selected.

b. Students are required to submit a power point presentation (through Blackboard) that contains at least the following:

i. A slide that identifies the informal fallacy to be discussed (at least one each for each of the five).

ii. The slide that identifies the informal fallacy (or a subsequent slide) will contain an explanation of the informal fallacy that has been identified. What is the nature of this fallacy? What is it?

iii. The same (or consecutive) slide will include an original argument by the student (not one from another source than the student’s brain) that demonstrates the fallacy being committed, and

iv. The same (or consecutive) slide that explains how their original argument is committing the fallacy

4) Once completed, the power point presentation should be uploaded and submitted into the “Informal Fallacies” presentation folder found on the homepage for their course shell. This submission needs to occur before the date and time specified as the due date and time in order to be counted as completed work in this course. Extensions will only be given with written evidence of excused absences.


Students are allowed to make multiple submissions and improvements. However, only the most recent draft at the time of assessment will be considered for assessment purposes. Please meet the due date and time!

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