Creating a FAQ for a Website

Creating a FAQ for a Website

Review the Strayer University website to find an opportunity to write a FAQ that does not exist but would be useful to an intended audience. Your assignment must be focused on providing a new resource that is focused towards a Strayer University audience such as current, future, or past students. Some examples of an area of interest appropriate for one or more of these audience could be:

  • Campus-specific information.
  • Graduation requirements.
  • Online student services
  • Veteran student services.

Be sure to select just a single area to focus your FAQ on. Clarity and focus in the information you are providing is a vital consideration to creating an effective FAQ.

You will format the document as if it would be going on the Website, but you will write the document in Microsoft Word or equivalent word processing software.

Write a 1–2 page FAQ sheet in which you pose and answer five questions for the intended audience and purpose. On a separate page within the same document, write a paragraph that identifies the intended audience and purpose of the FAQ sheet you have created. (Submit one document in total with both components included.) Your assignment cannot be graded without this analysis.

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