he Coronavirus is a human tragedy and global health concern that is having a devastating affect on people in China and around the world. China and governments around the world are making efforts to contain the virus which has included the quarantine and sequestering of people both in China and abroad. Private companies are also taking steps to avoid spreading the virus. It is becoming clear, that in addition to the tremendous human impacts, there will be significant impacts on trade and economic activity.

Assignment: Essay

Format: In 2-3 pages (double spaced) 12 pt. font; 1″ margins


What do you expect will be the impact for exporters and importers around the world as a result of the virus? Be sure to address the following topics in your essay: 1) What industries do you expect will be most affected; and examples of products and services that will be impacted the most; 2) Which regions of the world will be most affected and why?; 3) What industries will grow or what new industries and products will become in greater demand as a result; and 4) how might this impact the logistics and financing of trade? Be sure to drill down beyond the obvious primary impacts to include secondary (or dynamic) impacts.

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