Buying or building talent?

Buying or building talent?

answer these question each with one paragraph.

Question 1: Buying or building talent?

“Talent Identification”  How is talent identified and developed in your company and how can this be related to the course materials? And furthermore, from your own experience, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying or building talent? Please add more material and resources about talent management and development.

For inspiration:

–          Annex: Talent Gaps: Buy or build talent

–          Annex: Recruiting Strategies: Buy, Build or Borrow

–          Annex: Real Madrid signs teenager Reinier Jesus in ongoing hunt for Brazil’s next superstar

Question 2: What can HRM learn from sport?

Together, find more examples of knowledge and expertise in the sport context of which HR managers can learn. What expertise from sport could be used to improve HRM policies and practices/systems?

Some examples already mentioned in the course:

–          The buy or build talent issue (see above)

–          Resilience and sport psychology

–          Performance assessment (how to measure performance fairly ad objectively)

Question 3: What trends will have impact on HRM policy and systems?

Do an internet research and name trends that already have or will have impact on the practices of HRM. Refer to the contents of the module and to new (re)sources you’ve found. React to the input of others and together, try to come to in-depth insight in the impact of these developments on the practice of HRM in your own organizations.

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