Biology Microbiology Pathogen Report

Biology Microbiology Pathogen Report

Goal – Become adept at gathering and presenting information in the field of microbiology

Project – Profile your assigned microbial pathogens or family of pathogens. Create informative power a written report. Report will be submitted over Canvas.

Profile should include

Microbe identity –Genus and species, gram (+) or (-), growth patterns, etc.

Microbe location – Geographical specifics (ex. Malaria is found in warm, wet regions near the equator), common places in environments (ex. Helicobacter pylori is found in the stomach)

Pathogen mechanisms – Is this a pathogen? How?

Medical treatment – How do we fight this pathogen?

Anything else interesting? History? How can we study it? Does it grow on certain differential media? How would you stain it?


2000 words (single space size 12 times new roman font) report profiling your microbe. Word count does not include bibliography. No quotations allowed.

Report should contain all the info the talk does and more detail on what makes your microbe special.

References must be incorporated into the text so that it is clear what each reference refers to

References must be present for every sentence which is not common knowledge. This means most sentences.

Grading (worth 10% of grade overall)

Content Requirements and Grading Rubric

Each microbe will present a different opportunity for you to balance your slides. If you are presenting on a pathogen which causes a known disease you may want to spend more time and effort describing how the pathogen functions. Your goal is to give the class a profile of the microbe which grants them a good understanding of it. Below are suggestions regarding your slides content.

History of microbe

Description of microbe

Description of pathogen mode of action and medical treatments available

Impact of pathogen in the environment/world

Other things you find interesting (this will depend heavily on your microbe)

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