Systematic analysis of an issue

Systematic analysis of an issue

Write a 5-6 page essay in which you perform a systematic analysis of an issue. In this way, you will analyze an
argument and find a specific point of contention at which you can enter the conversation. Your paper will
consist of TWO SECTIONS that are cohesively connected to each other:
(here are the three articles to choose from, just pick one)
Interrogate a single article (“Busy Trap” (Links
to an external site.)”Sanctuary of School” (Links to an
external site.)or “The Logic of Stupid”
(Links to an external site.)) performing an analysis of the issue presented in the article. Uncover “the facts” of
this issue by presenting how the text addresses the following four questions:
What specific facts or data are relevant to the issue?
How can the issue be defined?
How much does it matter and why?
What actions should be taken?

  1. From this analysis, identify an impasse–a moment of tension between what the author believes and what
    you believe. This tension will be an opportunity for you to enter the discussion by making a new claim. On
    which of the four questions do you disagree with the author? On which point would you want to intervene and

offer an alternative view or claim? Locate another credible source from the UVU Library Database about this
point of contention. Then, offer your own position on the issue by making a new claim and supporting it with
evidence from the second article.
Assume that the audience of your essay is academic–your peers, your professor, and other college-educated
readers. Adjust your tone and stance to effectively engage this audience.
(I struggled trying to find an article so anything that sounds credible that you can find)
For extra help here is a sample of an essay the teacher gave us
The Fight Against Obesity
Obesity is an epidemic that has swept across our nation. The rates for people being severely overweight
continues to grow immensely each year. In the article, How Junk Food Can End Obesity, David H. Freedman
shares his idea of how to stop this horrible epidemic. Freedman claims that by making processed food
healthier it will greatly help the fight against obesity. Freedman explains that if we are able to keep the same
delicious taste of processed food and just change the ingredients to make it healthier, it will be the greatest way
to possibly end obesity.
What are the facts?
Throughout this article, Freedman explains the very large misconceptions about healthy food and obesity.
These misconceptions are stopping us from taking the right steps to fight and hopefully end obesity. Freedman
explains that the food revolution, that so many are pushing for, is impossible. To completely get rid of
processed foods and instead fully rely on whole foods is unrealistic. There are not enough whole foods to feed
everyone and whole foods are usually much more expensive than processed foods. This movement is
unrealistic and will do nothing to help those who are suffering from obesity. Freedman goes on to say that even
if it was possible to have enough whole foods and for it to be priced cheaper, those who are obese and are
hooked on junk food are not going to be very likely to make this change to whole foods. Healthy food is always
associated with bad taste, so why would you want to make the change from McDonald’s burgers to spinach
and kale?Freedman also explains that much of the obesity in our nation is due to many communities that are
called ‘food deserts’. Food deserts are communities with no stores that sell whole foods and have no whole
food restaurants. These communities are often much poorer too.

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