Synthesis of N-(4-Chlorophenyl)maleimide lab report

You should have:

  • Purpose
  • Name, Structure, Physical properties, and Hazards of ALL chemicals
    • Physical properties: MW, mp/bp, density, color, solubility in water
    • Hazards: NFPA codes, LD50, precautions beyond goggles and lab coat (if applicable)
  • Procedure (left side of page, past tense)
  • Drawings of an unusual, complicated, or new apparatus
  • Observations (right side) of
    • starting materials, crude products, purified products
    • colors, state changes, etc… during reaction
    • masses (starting materials, crude products, purified products etc…)
    • characterization observations (mp/bp)
    • Also any alterations to the procedure
  • Drawings of TLC plates (to scale, indicate spot colors, indicate visualization method)
  • Results and calculation section
    • Summary of characterization data:
      • Experimental mp/bp values
        • Also list literature values of starting materials, desired products, and any likely side products for comparison
      • Major peak values and characteristic (broad/sharp strong/weak) from IR with functional group assignments
      • Peak shifts, splitting and integration values from 1H NMR
        • Assign these peaks to the expected product molecule or to common NMR impurities from the bookmark in CC (MUST CITE impurity assignments)
          • Impurities may be water, acetone, CHCl3 if using CDCl3, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) if using D6DMSO
    • Calculations
      • Percent yield (actual yield / theoretical yield * 100%)
      • Atom Economy (MW desired product / S MW starting materials * 100%)
      • Effective Mass Yield (EMY) (mass product / mass hazardous reagents * 100%)
        • Must indicate how you define “hazardous”
      • E-Factor (mass total waste / mass product)
  • Conclusions
    • For EACH STEP make a conclusion if the reaction was successful
      • What evidence supports that you created the desired product?
        • Be specific, use ALL of your characterization data
        • State if there is any conflicting characterization data
      • Was your reaction efficient?
        • Use % yield, and Atom Economy
      • Was your product pure?
        • If the characterization data suggests there is impurities, is it easy to remove solvent, or is there evidence of some side product that may be harder to remove?

– Attached is the experiment file.

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