SUNY at Stony Brook Artificial Intelligence Ethical Considerations Paper

Choose a topic that interests you based on your major (applied math and statistic) and discuss it’s relation ethics, technology and society. You need not email me to approve a topic. Just make sure you choose a topic you can talk about those three themes.

Examples: Stem Cells; Virtual Reality; Micropay; NanoTech; AI; etc.


Students may collect the information and materials pertaining to their chosen subject from any of the following sources (in no specific order): the Internet, technical publications, professional journals, magazines, textbooks, movies, documentaries, and all other credible sources including interviews with knowledgeable individuals. Students are required to cite in their report all the sources they used in their research. APA citation for references and in text is necessary for full credit. If you don’t know APA see link below assignment or use endnote or google it. You must use in text citation when citing work that is not yours!

Submittals: Failure to follow the rules will result in point deduction

  • The paper should be equivalent to at least 3 pages of text (not including your cover, abstract [if you do one], or references).
  • Size 12 font of Times New Roman, using standard double spacing with 1 inch margins.
  • Do NOT add pictures, tables, graphs, charts, figures, and any other supplementing materials [This isn’t high school].

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